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PILL is dedicated to promoting optimal physical and mental health in infants, children, youth, their families, and communities for healthy psychosocial functioning and development. Currently, 


With an interdisciplinary approach, PILL works across diverse areas of research incorporating different divisions and themes.


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Global Ethics Learning Hub

Pakistan Institute of Living and Learning (PILL) is committed to upholding and maintaining the highest quality of academic and ethical standards in all its activities. PILL’s governance and ethics policies and procedures recognise the importance of addressing ethical matters for all research purposes. Research ethics is central to all research activities. PILL has a governance framework within which all employees of PILL must act when engaging in research or knowledge exchange.

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We have events and workshops happening every month, hosted by PILL


Read more about the work being done on Pakistan Mental Health Policy and Implementation Plan

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Training and Events

To better understand intellectual disability we are organizing a workshop on 4th of January 2024, We request you all to kindly register yourselves as soon as possible.