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Child and Adolescents Mental Health Course (CAMHC)

Aim of the course:

• To recognize the global importance of infant, child and adolescent mental health.
• Advocate for the promotion of mental health and prevention of mental illness in infants, children and adolescents.
• The primary aim of the course was to ensure students attain the clinical knowledge and skills required to work within CAMHC.
• The duration of this course was 3 months, with 72 total credit hours. The classes were scheduled on a weekly basis. Students were supposed to complete three clinical cases which include a psychological assessment formulation, and two clinical cases with appropriate psychological interventions.
• Pre and post assessment was done through short MCQs to check the level of understanding of students.
• A supervisor was assigned to the student by Pakistan Institute of Living and Learning (PILL) to complete his/her clinical work.

One in 10 young people aged between five to 16 experiences a mental health problem equating to approximately three young people in every class at school (National Health Services, 2018) (NHS)

This course includes three levels

  • Develop strong therapeutic relationships in order to practice a range of therapeutic skills within ethical, cultural, and other professional frameworks.
  • Develop the ability of interviewing, assessing and reporting with accurate clinical observation and judgment.
  • Understand the theories and techniques of effective culturally adapted psychological interventions designed for children and adolescents.