Aim: Conducting research, synthesizing evidence, and raising awareness about child and adolescent mental health and well-being to fill research gaps with practical implications


  1. To develop research evidence in the area of child and adolescents mental health
  2. To monitor research trials, its conduct and progress
  3. To provide training, and building capacity and capability
  4. To increase awareness about health and wellbeing of child & adolescents


  • Doing research to find burden of mental health problems in child and adolescents
  • Developing and adapting culturally appropriate evidence based interventions
  • Building capacity of researchers and academic scholars through training and education.
  • Monitoring child and adolescents mental health research studies progress within PILL
  • Monitoring progress of papers and publications within organization
  • Working with local and international partners to strengthen collaboration and conducting awareness raising programs and activities in wider community.
  • Dissemination of study findings.

Role and Functions:

The group will be comprised on academics, researchers, mental health experts and potential members from local and international partner organizations. The chair may invite other potential members to attend meetings when required.

Voting membership

  • Prof. Zainab Zadeh (Chair)
  • Rabia Fahad (Lead)
  • Zahra Nigah
  • Usman Arshad
  • Mueen Abid
  • Mariam Ilyas
  • Sana Azam
  • Amna Khan
  • Mansoor Ahmed
  • Atta-ur-Rehman
  • Madeha Ashfaq

2.1 Quorum:

The minimum quorum for a meeting will be 50% of appointed members. No decisions will be taken at any meeting unless a quorum is present. All members will attend at least 70% of the meetings to be part of this group.

2.2 Accountability:

Members of this group are accountable to the chair for the roles, functions and workstreams mentioned above in the ToR, and are responsible for meeting organizational standards and policies. This group is accountable to senior management of the organization.

2.3 Minutes & Meeting Papers

All action notes from meetings will be taken by a volunteer member nominated by the chair. Detailed action notes with attachments, will be circulated to all core team members following each meeting.

2.4 Frequency of Meetings

Meeting will be held weekly via online platform.

2.5 Review of ToR:

The ToR will be reviewed on an annual basis, or earlier if necessary by the chair and members of the group.

Child and Adolescent

The childhood and adolescent are critical stages of life for mental health development that requires special attention of mental health professionals. Pakistan is a low middle-income country where child and adolescent’s mental health has not received due attention. In Pakistan dilemma is that adult psychiatric and mental health resources are limited while the child and adolescent psychiatric and mental health facilities makes only 0.01%. The situation is same with reference to the availability of child psychologist, and other trained special education professionals. Considering the burden of mental illness, the child and adolescent group from Pakistan Institute of Living and Learning is aiming to address these problems and building capacity in early career researchers. PILL has conducted several interventions based parenting programs to enhance child cognitive, emotional and social development. Presently we are planning for ‘Child and Adolescents Psychiatric Morbidity Survey’ and’ Biopsychosocial origins of depression among adolescents in Pakistan (HOPE-PK)’. PILL has also developed a 6-month certificate course of ‘Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services’ and has successfully completed its first batch recently.

Projects Related to Children and Adolescents

Projects Related to Parenting Interventions

  • Implementing low-cost Learning through Play (LTP) Plus group Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) for mothers of young children (0-3 years) in Gadap Town (Roshni-2)

  • Feasibility Trial of Learning through Play (LTP) in My Own Way Plus Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) as Parent-Based Intervention for Depressed Mothers with children having Intellectual Disability (UMEED)

  • Building Resilience Against ViolencE (BRAVE): A Parenting Intervention for mothers and fathers with post-traumatic stress symptoms.

Child and Adolescents Certification Course

Parenting Matters - Webinar

A Talk on “Risk & Protective Factors to Suicidal Behavior in Pakistani & American Emerging Adults”

Our Team

Rabia Fahad

Tahira Khalid

Tahira Khalid

Zahra Nigah

Zahra Niggah

Majid Sain Bux

Atta ur Rahman